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BAC Mono

Motor Type: 4 cylinders in line Displacement: 2300 cm3 Maximum power: 280 hp at 7,700 rpm Power per liter: 121.7 hp / l Maximum torque: 280 Nm at 6000 rpm Frame Transmission: Sequential 6 Weight: 540 kg Weight / power ratio: 1.92 kg / hp Length: 3952 mm Width: 1800 mm Height: 1110 mm Wheelbase: 2565 mm Performance 0 to 100 km / h: 2 "9 Maximum speed: 270 km / h When I announced to the various speakers of Racer's magazine that the next track test would be devoted to BAC Mono, I gathered several reactions that the 'We can summarize these two words: “WHAT? ". I must admit that at the time of writing, I would also be in the unknown if I had not received an invitation to try it! It was therefore with great curiosity that I responded to the invitation from RSR to take the wheel for a few laps, with the added bonus of one of the most beautiful circuits in the world: Spa-Francorchamps. We are at the end of June and during this period in the Belgian Ardennes, it's raining! And not just a little ... I cross my fingers to succeed in doing a few laps in the dry! Food We arrive with the photographer early in the morning to attend the briefing for the day organized by RSR and integrate with the rest of the group. We find there a very beautiful varied range going from the Clio RS to the Radical SR8, all in all quite classic for a premium club day. We are then taken to a box a little away to present the car we are going to try: the BAC Mono. There are two different color models: one white and one red. We choose the second which will stand out better on the photos. I rarely dwell on the exterior of the cars I try because we all have different tastes in terms of aesthetics. But here I can not help but transcribe the first words that came to my mouth when I saw it: WHAT MUG !!! This car could quite appear in a science fiction film as it is original. The front is wide, aggressive and flush with the ground, and the rear is completely stripped revealing the transmission, suspensions and a diffuser. As its name suggests, there is only one place on board the BAC Mono with a cockpit reduced to its simplest expression and in the central position. There is no dashboard or meter, everything is in the wheel! There is no denying the proximity to a racing car but I am extremely surprised by the quality of manufacture, whether it is in the finish mixing carbon and alcantara or mechanical assemblies. It's clean, neat and unadorned! The weather conditions are not very lenient, we decide by mutual agreement with the organizer to wait until the afternoon to try to find a niche where the track will be dry: the morning will be devoted to static photos. While the photographer is preparing his equipment, I take the opportunity to sit behind the wheel and take the measure of the beast. I quickly regret having eaten a little too much the night before and having stuffed myself with croissants at the breakfast buffet. It’s narrow, I touch in every corner, but quite naturally find a good position to drive. There is no doubt that this is a racing car that has put on an evening dress to be allowed to ride on the road (in England at the moment). The legs stretched out, a little lying down and sitting very low, it transpires pure performance. I can't wait to try it on this magnificent circuit, especially since the technical data of the Mono is mouth watering. Indeed, several major motorsport brands are associated with this project. It is equipped with a 4-cylinder 2.3L developing 280hp supplied by Cosworth, coupled to a sequential 6 Hewland pneumatic control gearbox directly from the competition. Braking is entrusted to AP Racing, the damping comes from Sachs Racing and it is fitted as standard with Kumho V700 semi-slicks. The whole is announced for 540kg with a weight distribution very close to 50/50, it promises ... The cockpit is very close to a racing car. Everything you need is gathered in the digital display in the center of the steering wheel! When you have successfully slipped behind the wheel, you will find a pedal