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Circuit du Luc
Route des Mayons
83340 Le Luc en Provence


04 94 50 37 00


04 94 60 93 19



GPS coordinates

43°20'52" North / 6°20'06" East

Description of the Circuit du Luc

This circuit is a bit away from the village of Luke. And that's good.
 The route is relatively quick but bearable for our cars "everyday" even (especially) a bit prepared. This tour is worth seeing if only to go have fun, there are large clearances!
 driving tips:
 It begins at the stands with a quick left (during the days the club a baffle is installed in front of the pits, so we arrived not too fast in the left).
 It makes immediately by a double pretty tight right to the end and a small end of the straight and one right a little faster. Do not hesitate to use the full width of the track at this location, including curbs.
 Then we attack a beautiful stretch overlooking a quick left and very pleasant. Indeed, it leads directly to a pin on the right (no handbrake, unless you are on the limit braking). So arrange to curb well before the first left, place left for the output of the left (there is a tendency to oversteer under braking, of course ... but it's good!). Try not to miss his braking if you miss the rope of the pin on the right, but against it is a very large hallway, so if we focus: shoot straight without hesitation, is paved! And if somebody sticks too closely, you put the turn signal on the left and turn "off" so he can make the inside and leave you alone ... especially if you like of course!
 This pin makes right right away on another pin to the left. These two curves are before the public. It is the only interesting place where the public can easily reach. So there is always the world. So drive some still make too ... but fun !! That's the goal right?
 These two pins then give a straight line where horses and motor skills make the difference (thank you exit on the left). One attack on a curve to the right, fast and very long. Then a bit of straight and a very fast right. It is easy to pass it to 140 km / h without making blunder. Even much faster as cars, of course!
 Then attack the straight line of the circuit ... then heavy braking for a right curve in 2 very nice, very large, and especially with a very nice curb at the exit which only asks you receive so it is flat !!
 Then back on the pit straight, and possibly its chicane.




2200 ou 2400 m


7 à 9 m

Noise limit on the Circuit du Luc

95 dB les dimanches et jours fériés, 100 dB les autres jours.

Weather on the Circuit du Luc

Monday morning light rain light rain 9 °C
Monday afternoon light rain light rain 12 °C
Tuesday morning broken clouds broken clouds 11 °C
Tuesday afternoon light rain light rain 13 °C
Wednesday morning clear sky clear sky 13 °C
Wednesday afternoon clear sky clear sky 16 °C
Thursday morning clear sky clear sky 13 °C
Thursday afternoon broken clouds broken clouds 17 °C
Friday morning scattered clouds scattered clouds 14 °C
Friday afternoon few clouds few clouds 19 °C

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