Circuit de Nogaro - Informations




Circuit Paul Armagnac
BP 24
32110 Nogaro


05 62 09 02 49


05 62 69 05 44



GPS coordinates

43°46'12" North / 0°02'22" West

Description of the Circuit de Nogaro

A beautiful route being along an airfield.
 The stands are not very great and access is difficult, but we made it.
 driving tips:
 The route is divided into two main parts. First one being at the level of the stands, then the "snail" which is at the other end, less accessible to the public but pourant very important for the time and tricky. Two straight lines between these areas. The largest is known for its many excesses (and misses) braking.
 At the pit exit, is etched on a very fast baffle left / right.
 then we take a long straight line that leads on the second part of the circuit. It makes it fast curves but they are delicate. A left, a right and another right that does not end in and closes very strong at the end (hence its nickname: the snail).
 This snail on the right ends with a pin ... left ... which in addition determines THE stretch! Well apply in this part of the circuit to play the clock !!
 THE line is endless. But his braking is destructive. We arrive on a relatively tight right (relative to the speed of line anyway).
 Then makes some curves: right, left, left faster. We pass under a bridge and arrive on a must before the public and that returns on the pit straight. The pit entry is in the middle of the right.




3636 m


12 m


FIA Grade 2
FFSA Compétition

Noise limit on the Circuit de Nogaro

100 dB, mesure prise en statique à 75 % du régime moteur maximum. Contrôle obligatoire avant l’accès à la piste.

Weather on the Circuit de Nogaro

Friday morning few clouds few clouds 3 °C
Friday afternoon clear sky clear sky 11 °C
Saturday morning overcast clouds overcast clouds 4 °C
Saturday afternoon clear sky clear sky 11 °C
Sunday morning clear sky clear sky 6 °C
Sunday afternoon few clouds few clouds 13 °C
Monday morning light rain light rain 8 °C
Monday afternoon light rain light rain 11 °C
Tuesday morning scattered clouds scattered clouds 5 °C
Tuesday afternoon overcast clouds overcast clouds 6 °C

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