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Circuit de Lédenon
30210 Lédenon


04 66 37 11 37


04 66 37 15 92



GPS coordinates

43°55'25" North / 4°30'21" East

Description of the Circuit de Lédenon

This is THE twisty France!
Well, now it's done ... after should read the "driving tips" for the rest !!
 Come on, at least know that the setting is really nice, although a little isolated and hot summer. The stands are very good, some were redone in 2002 and the covering of the main circuit which is new.
 driving tips:
 Ouch, that's not going to be easy. There are too many curves ...
 Come on, I start: We attack the pit exit. This is a rare French circuits where one is rotated in the counterclockwise direction of a watch. If you are looking for why, just try to think of what would be the braking at the end of the stands in the opposite direction ... hello BIG boxes for sure !!
 So after the stands, you get triple FAMOUS left Ledenon. We will come back after one lap, it's nicer than coming out of the pits. (If you want a preview, you have a picture of the cup 205 in 1992 ... it quiet!)
 So after the triple left, there was a small rise with a slight curve to the right blind. Then a steep descent overlooking a tight right. In general we have fun in it. Try to slow down the least, not to miss the rope and go as far as possible on the outside to the exit of the curve ... because after we go back, and if you do not have the horses and your momentum was too cut, etc ... etc ...
 After the climb, keep right. We attack a wide left 180. As usual: do not miss the rope. Then resume a beautiful descent in which there is a quick right. (Avoid the vibrator inside of it ... I've seen end on the roof ... in front of me ...). Then keep to the left for braking, take a fairly quick right and try not to miss the rope and out wide. You will soon know the song by heart. But we Ledenon, do not forget it! And you will see that the clubs days many are miss the ropes and cut the momentum ...
 Now we reach the top of the circuit. A quick left which leads to a kind of double left.
 In this small double left, of going outside to promote the output and lowering am. It will be short but fast. It quickly reaches 160 down ... for a big brake on a good call-cons call that can help turn. If you are not sure of yourself, make here is better ...
 An output pin on the left gives the rise to the pits. (Enter stands on doite there). And then you get to THE triple left, with momentum ... so we go to the first floor (in theory) then slows right and it is up to the second left. According to the tires the car is placed only on the brakes for the following reports and descend during braking ... easy right? In theory....




3150 m


FFSA Compétition

Noise limit on the Circuit de Lédenon

95 dB

Weather on the Circuit de Lédenon

Sunday morning few clouds few clouds 18 °C
Sunday afternoon overcast clouds overcast clouds 22 °C
Monday morning broken clouds broken clouds 19 °C
Monday afternoon overcast clouds overcast clouds 20 °C
Tuesday morning clear sky clear sky 18 °C
Tuesday afternoon overcast clouds overcast clouds 18 °C
Wednesday morning broken clouds broken clouds 18 °C
Wednesday afternoon overcast clouds overcast clouds 22 °C
Thursday morning light rain light rain 18 °C
Thursday afternoon moderate rain moderate rain 15 °C

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