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ASA des Ducs
Lieu dit la Chevallerie
61170 Le Ménil-Guyon


+33 2 33 81 73 73



GPS coordinates

48°32'46" North / 0°15'29" East

Description of theCircuit des Ducs (Essay)

Created in 1975 INITIATIVE two residents d'Essay Village, a small town of less than 400 inhabitants, the track was d'Essay, originally a pond belonging to the family of Claude Roger, hotel in Essay who was so the creator with Marcel Gaillard, another enthusiast who discovered Rallycross, with Claude Roger, this discipline in Lohéac. After the draining of the pond, the first draft of the rallycross track (100% ground) saw very quickly the day to become a circuit within 900 meters including a line surrounded by earthen embankment bordering a small stream water. In this context "country" 1 Rallycross was organized in 1976 with some foreign pilots staying with the inhabitant. After the circuits of Lohéac and Luneville, d'Essay that would grow over time with knowledge that the Ecurie des Ducs (now Dukes ASA) was going to know soon beyond the borders of the hexagon. Soon the site becomes an appointment calendars Europeans and French since the Championship of France made a stop there regularly since 1976 and without interruption under the leadership of President Dominique Lunel still the head of the Organizing Committee it day. Over the years and this with a team of volunteers solid circuit "country" becomes a circuit with the construction of buildings, development of part of the asphalt track and the safety grid positioning (FIA standards) for make the complex with European standards. To date the racetrack d'Essay and one having received the largest number of sets of French European Championship but also two Nations Cups in Europe with a "panel" of champions since evolved on this track, next to French : Jabouille Ragnotti, Beltoise, Mamers, Jaussaud and many other Europeans and the gratin side with the Norwegian elite and its undisputed champion Morning Schanche but also Finnish, Swedish, English, Belgians and others.




937 m


12 à 16 m

Straight line

152 m

Weather on theCircuit des Ducs (Essay)

Sunday morning scattered clouds scattered clouds 16 °C
Sunday afternoon light rain light rain 17 °C
Monday morning overcast clouds overcast clouds 13 °C
Monday afternoon light rain light rain 14 °C
Tuesday morning light rain light rain 11 °C
Tuesday afternoon light rain light rain 16 °C
Wednesday morning light rain light rain 13 °C
Wednesday afternoon light rain light rain 16 °C
Thursday morning light rain light rain 14 °C
Thursday afternoon light rain light rain 14 °C

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