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During team days, join us on the most beautiful circuits in Europe. Enjoy a total immersion in this unique atmosphere and surround yourself with mythical cars crazier than each other! Do not miss the opportunity to explore these car sanctuaries, take a seat in the passenger seat during first thrills in our supercars.
On the occasion of our Trackdays organized by the Armada team, ride with your machines in an open pit-lane in the Val de Vienne, in Haute Saintonge or in Mornay. Baptisms, rentals and coaching with our supercars will be there.
On site, take advantage of a free small mechanical assistance service.
A qualified driving instructor will be on hand to advise you and improve your driving skills.
For the hungriest among you, an all-you-can-eat buffet
drinks, pastries and snacks will be available throughout this beautiful day!


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Armada Trackday
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Trackdays organized by Armada Trackday

1 trackdays organized in 2022 on 1 racetracks
3 trackdays organized in 2021 on 2 racetracks
5 trackdays organized in 2020 on 3 racetracks