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The association Ecurie Jacques Coeur, first "car barn" to emerge in the Cher department, was created by Pierre CHAMPEAUX in 1967 (Constituent Assembly) and declared to the Prefecture of Cher under No. 2669 on 12.1.1968. (Official Journal of 2 February 1968).
 Its purpose? "Spreading the taste of motorsport by automobile, consider issues such as to promote the development, participation and leadership in motor sport events and to provide its members all the facilities that will enable them to exercise the practice" (item 2 of the articles).
 By his dynamic personality, his innovative initiatives, his leadership and his many interests in international and local events, Pierre Champeaux, elected President, ensures an unparalleled boost to this association which will have up to 9 regional events organized in the year , grouped together in an annual ranking titled "Trophy Issarny".
 In the period 1970/1980, up to 70 color fly the members Ecurie Jacques Coeur in the ranking of best races run in France.
 In 1972, with the support of Lionel Raudet, then President of the Sports Center Automobile Association (ASA Center) and Mr. Jacques GENTON, Senator Mayor of Sancerre, it creates the colors of Ecurie Jacques Coeur the "Race Coast SANCERRE" in an unforgettable national version, which sees the winners as the pilot Yves COURAGE Manceau.
 Since the disappearance of Peter CHAMPEAUX in December 1975, drivers and officials Ecurie Jacques Coeur continue his work, posing as guarantors of a dynamic and friendly spirit.
 If over time the numbers have decreased, the toughness of leaders of the current team, helped members of surrounding and 14 registered drivers, perpetuates the future of the Ecurie Jacques Coeur, always proud of its currency. .. "At valiant heart nothing impossible"


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