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Dijon Auto Racing is a company specializing in motor reprogramming.
 We offer upgrades ranging from single engine reprogramming to complete preparation engine (pistons, rods, turbo kit ...).
 Reprogramming also called engine "chip tuning" is a technique to electronically increase the performance of an engine. The engine reprogramming must be done by professionals and accompanied by on dyno tests for maximum efficiency and reliability. The reputation of Dijon Auto Racing and professionalism are well established and the seriousness of our services makes us the number one engine reprogramming in France.
 Dijon Our workshop is equipped with a 4x4 power bench braked to measure the exact power of your vehicle. Through its national network, Auto Racing can also intervene at your home for motor reprogramming.


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Dijon Auto Racing
717 Rue de l'Aviation
21600 Ouges


03 80 29 64 89


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