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Founded in 1896, the Automobile Club of Nice is the second to be created in France. Continuous passion for over a century that allowed him to confuse history with that of the automobile. It is open to all enthusiasts, but also to motorists every day looking for services adapted to their needs.
 The club intends to pay homage to a rich history of great champions, trials to international fame and car part of the pantheon of motorsport. In this spirit, he puts all his dynamism to organize two major events of historic motor (with the partnership also many passionate Commons): the historical regularity rally Jean Behra and the historic rise of Lucéram-Peira Cava who for distinction of having as a framework the sumptuous jewel of our region and to route its great back roads! The club also offers training sessions (courses "beginners" and "advanced") to conduct any kind of historical events and navigation regularity rally. ACN also engages in major automotive and social events of the French Riviera.
 Thus, the club helps to discover the natural, cultural and lifestyle of the French Riviera. This while creating famous sporting events in the world of classic cars, both by the quality of their organization by the exceptional nature of vehicles in their various trays. Well sportsmanship gentlemen drivers that drive these cars, each of which is part of a dream ...
 Finally, the Automobile Club of Nice offers all motorists daily a full range of services: point recovery courses, troubleshooting, repatriation of stranded vehicles, defense and legal assistance to the motorist, Europe and worldwide support ... To discover ! An offer available to collectors, individuals, but also at preferential rates for businesses, communities, brand clubs and associations.
 The Automobile Club of Nice is affiliated with the Automobile Club - French Automobile Association, 40 Million Motorists and the French Federation of Vintage Vehicles (which is affiliated to the International Federation of Vintage Vehicles).


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