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GTRS acts as an exclusive free car track days on tour organizer ( GTRS open days car ) open to individuals with their own vehicles as well as 'to licensed for free trainings.
 GTRS offers its track days on circuits and high Saintonge Bordeaux-Merignac. GTRS also offers as part of his days, the possibility to book a group of exclusive sessions spread throughout the day ( group). GTRS provides opportunities for participants to be assisted by a qualified driving instructor.
 As part of the "open days GTRS auto" GTRS organizes sessions drift distinct sessions of "speed-path" on the circuit Bordeaux-Merignac. During "open days GTRS auto" GTRS offers the possibility to perform passenger track of baptisms and / or pilot on its own vehicles.
 The GTRS vehicles ( baptisms and steering ) whose BMW Sport M3 E36 Delage, are real cars circuit 350 hp measured on the dynamometer, weighing less than 1200 Kg, arceautés, equipped with a short bridge lined with a self-locking to 75%, a carbon airbox (tone envoutantes), specific camshafts authorizing prefabricated regime to 8200 revolutions / minute, the frame prepared for trail with specific shock absorbers and anti-roll bars, racing tires, tubs ... real animals seats race whose preparation was carried out from a to Z by rally driver and BMW Hugues Delage preparer Villeneuve in his workshops on Lot! ...
 The company ONE STOP PARTS, our partner, also offers during "open days GTRS auto" passenger track of baptisms and / or pilot aboard WESTFIELD AERORACE offering a power / weight ratio of 350 hp / ton!


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GTRS Racing Event
Circuit de Bordeaux Mérignac
1 rue Marcel Issartier
33700 Mérignac


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Trackdays organized by the GTRS

5 trackdays organized in 2020 on 1 racetracks
27 trackdays organized in 2019 on 2 racetracks
24 trackdays organized in 2018 on 2 racetracks
29 trackdays organized in 2017 on 2 racetracks
30 trackdays organized in 2016 on 2 racetracks
27 trackdays organized in 2015 on 2 racetracks
27 trackdays organized in 2014 on 2 racetracks
30 trackdays organized in 2013 on 2 racetracks
52 trackdays organized in 2012 on 2 racetracks
43 trackdays organized in 2011 on 2 racetracks
31 trackdays organized in 2010 on 1 racetracks