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A little history
 Convinced that in 1993 the outputs of the circuit are increasingly needed and requested, in order to learn to fly safely our Porsche 911, the type association law 1901 CLASSIC RACING & ATLANTIC 911 was born.
 Its advantages
 The club wants to be open to all 911 since 1965 till date. Whatever the age and the power of its 911, each in his place at the club and on the track it by focusing on friendly relations among all members gathered around the same passion: 911. The club is primarily a place of exchange, where everyone gets to know each other and why the membership will be limited to 50, to preserve this spirit.
 The circuit
 The club focuses on outputs circuit with, among others, the Loire Atlantique circuit near Nantes, the Bugatti at Le Mans, the Val de Vienne near Poitiers, the Mas du Clos in Gueret, Nogaro, Magny-Cours, Charade .. .
 Every year the club takes part in various rallies and demonstrations: Le Mans Classic, Historic Rally, hill climb, Expos ...
 The club organizes, since December 2001, a telethon on the Loire Atlantique circuit and since 2003 a Rallython gathering about fifty Sports cars over 25 years old. Our pilots perform baptisms track and collected more than 15,000 EUR in 2002 and to date more than 100,000 euros were donated to the AFM.
 The club was organizer of the Classic Car of Bretagne from 1998 to 2006. This regularity rally FFVE / FFSA conducting parallel counting Loire Atlantic Rally for the championship of France 1st division. He met between 25 and 30 crews, was reserved for sports cars and except for the years 1963 to 1983. The course consisted of approximately 350 km with special on closed roads.
 The club offers its members preferential rates on spare parts (tires, pads, accessories ...), specialists repairers addresses Porsche, recommendations and technical documents for maintenance and repair of his favorite Porsche.


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