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The Europa Club was created in 1988 by Frédéric Bardot and Jürgen Brecht. At the time, the activities "circuit" were not what they have become and many Porsche enthusiasts were able, thanks to him, realize their dream ride on all the most beautiful tracks in France and the foreign. Quickly, a private championship emerged. RS Cup and many others were able to compete for the fun of drivers whose only goal was to run for affordable budgets.
 But now the race is not the only motivation of the creators of the club. Well aware that the Porsche Enthusiasts change the way they do and appreciate increasingly ending up on the tracks, the organizers wish to provide a structure capable of accommodating both lovers of competition than those who simply want to have a good time in any freedom and without any constraints. On the occasion of the 2003 season, the Club Europa renewed its usual donation program but also offers all Porsche enthusiasts to taste the joys of driving on circuit. While the practice sessions and the race are reserved for this purpose, few drivers to request a little more their cars outside these sessions. The Club meetings are held on two days, there is therefore a long time to adhere to enjoy the different routes and, in optimal safety conditions. The Carrera 3.2 Carrera 2 RS 92, 996 and Boxter will therefore have complete freedom to go the long straight of Adelaide (Magny-Cours), the famous curve Pouas (Dijon) or highly technical turn Servia ( Nimes-Ledenon). And also, what a pleasure to rub shoulders with those who hunt the clock and aim podium. Their advice can be beneficial, both in terms of little tricks that preparation and management. Without computer then, the spectacle of the race ... Finally, the Club Europa more today about a hundred persons of several nationalities. The atmosphere is more relaxed and friendly there is nothing else to win than a good time. It is in this spirit that the Club Europa has introduced another formula, which allows non-members to come turn means of course a participation in expenses.


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Trackdays organized by the Club Europa

3 trackdays organized in 2012 on 2 racetracks
8 trackdays organized in 2011 on 3 racetracks
12 trackdays organized in 2010 on 4 racetracks
1 trackdays organized in 2009 on 1 racetracks