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The Club Lotus France is an association of type "1901 Act" which aims to promote in France and French-speaking Europe and Lotus vehicles manufacturer technology.
 Thanks to a strong regional representation, Club Lotus France offers activities throughout the territory. Financially independent manufacturer Lotus, the Club maintains cordial relations with him.
 Anyone can join the Club Lotus France, provided to be a fan of the brand. The outputs are reserved against the Lotus brand vehicles and related, ie all road vehicles and competition the following makes and models:
 - Lotus
 - Caterham
 - Models of major manufacturers have been manufactured or modified by Lotus (Ford Cortina Lotus, Ford Escort Twin Cam, Jensen Healey, Talbot Sunbeam Lotus Elan Kia, Opel Omega Lotus, Opel Speedster)
 - Replicas of Lotus Seven when they are in good condition or have an interest or historical originality Donkervoort, Westfield, Martin Marcadier and others.
 - The Westfield Eleven replicas are also accepted.
 It is possible to join without owning one of these vehicles, but by simply being amateur Lotus.
 All club activities are possible, but be aware that some output will be reserved in priority to the above cars, and that to come up with a non-Lotus can, to a certain number of limits to do with the organizers .


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Trackdays organized by the Club Lotus France

4 trackdays organized in 2022 on 4 racetracks
4 trackdays organized in 2021 on 4 racetracks
12 trackdays organized in 2019 on 11 racetracks
6 trackdays organized in 2018 on 5 racetracks
17 trackdays organized in 2017 on 14 racetracks
15 trackdays organized in 2016 on 14 racetracks
13 trackdays organized in 2015 on 13 racetracks
17 trackdays organized in 2014 on 14 racetracks
15 trackdays organized in 2013 on 12 racetracks
19 trackdays organized in 2012 on 15 racetracks
29 trackdays organized in 2011 on 23 racetracks
23 trackdays organized in 2010 on 18 racetracks
25 trackdays organized in 2009 on 16 racetracks