The great Paul Ricard for less than 300 hp

The great Paul Ricard for less than 300 hp
2016-11-09 00:00:00

As part of the days Racetrack Days at the Circuit Paul Ricard, a new running group will take to the track Sunday, November 27: SPRINT group.
 This group is for small sporting 200 to 350 hp: Mini JCW, Audi S1, TT or S3, Megane or Clio RS, Focus ST and RS, Fiesta ST, Golf GTI 308 GTI, Honda Civic R, Alfa Romeo 4C, etc. (Not exhaustive)
 It will give them the opportunity to discover the great driver circuit 5.8 kms and will focus on safety and education. Aware that many novice drivers will be on this track, a suitable program has been planned. After a full briefing, pilots discover the route by turning monitors company BPJEPS cornering. They then leave for 1:30 open pit lane and, again, the monitors will be available to them to ride with them and refine their path ...
 The GT and Pro Race groups are also planned that day!
 The liability insurance is included in the proposed tariff of EUR 325
 Contact: Challenges & Events Organization Team 09 83 90 91 93.