Geopark needs support

Geopark needs support
2016-06-03 19:27:00

Some residents and other opponents lead now hard life to the circuit Geopark in St. Die in the Vosges. The subject of the dispute is the extension that was built in 2012 with a statement of work. It turns out that a building permit was required and the manager of the circuit thus started the process to regularize the situation. But local residents asked to stop operation of the complete circuit before obtaining this permission, even if there is no report. It seems that these residents have returned in a logic of systematic opposition to the circuit.
 We do not think that local residents and conservationists have always wrong in disputes with the circuits and we promote efforts to reduce noise and environmental pollution. In the case of Geopark, it seems that we are dealing with the bad faith of the residents and we are therefore seeking to sign the petition to support circuit.
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