Closing the Mas du Clos

Closing the Mas du Clos
2010-12-28 23:00:00

A stop of the State Council of 15/12 Patrick Bardinon forced to cease activities asphalt circuit of Mas du Clos .
In 2008 the circuit had the close because it was not up to standard. The work required was not made, only the days of ""free riding"" had resumed. However, the Council of State finally feel that this activity also falls under the jurisdiction of the FFSA and FFM and that the required work must only be carried out.
When it comes to safety standards, perhaps it is better to remain cautious and do not necessarily take a partisan position. One can for example ask why amateur pilot safety is less important than the competition pilots.
A petition of support is available at . Perhaps there is still hope of survival for this superb circuit while not sacrificing safety.