Drama at Le Mans on Saturday

Drama at Le Mans on Saturday
2014-09-30 00:00:00

In the circumstances, I will limit myself to press the ACO:
 ""Shortly before 16 hours in Saturday, September 27 tragic accident took place on the Bugatti circuit at an open day driving enthusiasts, accident where one of the drivers was killed.
 On top of the pit straight, the car of the victim suddenly losing oil.
 The area was immediately reported by dangerous teams in the race direction inviting other vehicles to slow down. Unfortunately, the driver of another car lost control of his vehicle crashed head from the first car down, immobilized on the side, it then catching fire.
 Despite rapid relief Automobile Club de l'Ouest's medical service, the driver of the vehicle rammed lost his life following the violent collision.
 Immediately supported, the driver of the other car, seriously wounded, was immediately transferred to Le Mans hospital.
 The accident took place at a private day of testing, ""Tinseau Test Day,"" in which forty vehicles were involved in 27 September.
 An investigation is currently underway and the Automobile Club de l'Ouest will not comment before completion.
 This painful event affects all the Automobile Club de l'Ouest which presents its condolences to the family of the victim. ""
 Serious accidents during track days are quite systematically stifled, probably for fear that new regulations come restrict the freedoms we take on tour. Of course ""Motorsport is dangerous"", of course it happened on one of the best circuits built in France, with an organizer recognized for its experience and its reliability, the drivers were not beginners. So even though this time it was fate, even though no one actually committed fault, this drama must at least serve to remind the obvious.
 Not the circuit is not a place to let off steam, there are safety regulations, and so of course I am responsible for the condition of my car I'm especially my behavior. If we drive on the track, it should not be in fear of radars but because we want to enjoy our passion without putting road users in danger. Debates about the circumstances of accidents and safety in general are often sterile and are an opportunity to express an inglorious bad faith, so I will not go into it. Perhaps a more restrictive legislation is necessary, most likely a better understanding and greater respect of the current legislation already would greatly reduce the risks we take on tour. Above all, these risks are that we take them, we are responsible and we are especially responsible unique that can reduce adopting irreproachable behavior on the track. We are not on the road but we are not in either race, we are between the two, where one would find only the pleasure of living our passion, and extreme humility of all.
 Our thoughts are with the relatives and the injured pilot, they find the courage to fight. I added a thought for the relatives of Andrew, who succumbed to his accident Lackey last year and another for victims of accidents that have not been made public. The zero risk does not exist in motorsport but for them we will all do everything to decrease significantly on days circuit.
 Update 09/10: www.lemainelibre.fr/actualite/le-mans-accident-sur-le-circuit-le-deuxieme-pilote-amateur -is-deceased 09-10-2014-111157 :-(