13/03/22 - Ecuyers (Beuvardes) (Extrem Cars Events)

These information may have changed since they were published, in case of doubt please contact the organizer : theExtrem Cars Events.
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The circuit is privatized to offer you a free day of driving with less than 10 cars on the track! This exceptional driving quality will allow you to enjoy the circuit in complete safety and without being hampered by traffic. The organizer expects respect on the track from all participants so that everyone can enjoy the day with confidence. The day is suitable for beginners wishing to make their first laps on the circuit as well as for experienced pilots.
BPJEPS monitors are available to offer you tailor-made coaching. A 20-minute coaching session is offered to you for the purchase of a day track ticket (not valid for half a day).

- Number of places limited to 10 cars on the track for exceptional driving quality, without traffic on the track
- 1 20-minute coaching session with a qualified pilot instructor offered with the purchase of a day track ticket (not valid for ½ day)
- Free running without sessions, no waiting to hit the track
- Passengers & accompanying persons authorized without supplements (16 years minimum to board as a passenger)
- License + RC circuit certificate compulsory for all pilots

Included services:
- Open bar
- Mechanical assistance

- BPJEPS monitors available to offer you personalized coaching (see optional packages)
- Helmet rental

Cars accepted:
- Production car over 800kg
- Drift prohibited
- Single-seaters prohibited
- 98db Max

- 8:30 am to 9 am: Welcome and briefing
- 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.: Open taxiing
- 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m .: Lunch break
- 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m .: Open taxiing

- Half-day open pitlane: 160 €
- Open pitlane day + 1 coaching session (20 minutes) with a free instructor: € 250
- 1 additional 20-minute coaching session: € 60
- 2 additional 20-minute coaching sessions: € 100
- 4 additional 20-minute coaching sessions: € 180
- 1 day / 6 additional coaching sessions of 20 minutes: € 250
- 1 day with an exclusive instructor: € 430 (the instructor takes care of you only, all day)

driving coach Driving advices from professional coaches are available on this trackday.

Technical assistance Technical assistance is available on this trackday.

Drift Drift is not allowed during this trackday.


Road car Road cars are allowed

Race car Race cars are allowed

Single-seater car Single-seaters are not allowed

Weight restrictions Minimum weight : 800 kg

For more information about this trackday, please contact the organizer

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Useful information

Noise limit on the Circuit des Ecuyers (Beuvardes)

Les véhicules de série doivent conserver leur échappement d’origine. Les véhicules de compétition doivent satisfaire à la réglementation fédérale et ne pas dépasser 95 dB au régime moteur préconisé par la fédération concernée.

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These information may have changed since they were published, in case of doubt please contact the organizer : theExtrem Cars Events.