29/02/20 - Pau-Arnos (Circuit de Pau Arnos)

These information may have changed since they were published, in case of doubt please contact the organizer : theCircuit de Pau Arnos.
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Whether you have a competition vehicle or a road vehicle drivers confirmed or simple driving enthusiasts, the days of self Pau-Arnos circuit will allow you to express yourself on track.
 Categories can be modified according to the number of participants and changes in pilot classes are possible during the day depending on the number of remaining seats. Open days will include no notions of competition, ranking or timing on the part of the circuit.
 compulsory briefing.
 Hours :
 - Opening of the enclosure from 8:30 to 17:30.
 - Rolling from 9:00 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 17:00.
 A snack service is available on the circuit.
 - sedan or GT day: 130 €
 - sedan or GT Half day: € 85
 - Package 10 half day or GT sedan: 500€
 - car or proto day: 140 €
 - Half-day car or proto: € 90
 - Package 10 half-day car or proto: 590€
 - Annual fee: € 10
 - Rentals box 32 sqm (4x8 m): 40 € per day
 - Rentals box 84 m² (7x12 m): 100 € per day
 - Production of certificate civil liability insurance system out of competition on your vehicle. Possibility to take out insurance on the spot.
 - Maximum sound level 100 dB, vehicles will be subject to review before the track access.
 - Vehicle in good condition.
 - Tow Hook set.
 - No leakage of water or oil
 - Helmet pilot and passenger
 - Paddock Access restricted to drivers and their attendants.


Driving advices from professional coaches are available on this trackday.

which cars are the best this trackday?

These car categories are not related to weight restrictions defined by the French Federation on French tracks. Please ensure that your car's weight is in the right range for this trackday.
Best car categories for this trackday are:
gt GT and supercars as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin...
light Lightweight as Lotus, Atom, KTM, Caterham...
sport Sport berlines and coupés as BMW M3, Z4, Audi RS, Nissan 370z...
gti GTI as Fiesta ST, Clio RS, Golf, Civic type R...
competition Race cars as Clio Cup, Porsche Cup, Seat Leon Supercopa...
monoplace Single seaters as Formula Ford, Formula Renault, Formula 3...
proto Sport prototypes cars as LMP4, Funyo, Norma, Ligier, Juno...
collection Classics as Porsche 914, Alfa GTV, Jaguar E-type

Drift Drift is not allowed during this trackday.

For more information about this trackday, please contact the organizer

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Informations pratiques

Noise limit on the Pau-Arnos

100 dB

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These information may have changed since they were published, in case of doubt please contact the organizer : theCircuit de Pau Arnos.