Rodolphe Honorez - Driving coach

Rodolphe Honorez


Rodolphe Honorez was born in 1981 in the North. His passion for automobiles began at a young age, and he cultivated it through car modeling.
Since 2001, Rodolphe has had the chance to ride on different circuits, notably the legendary northern loop of the Nürburgring (Nordschleife) located in the middle of the forest of the Eiffel region in Germany, the largest and most winding circuit in the world, rightly called title "the green hell".
Licensed for many years in Jiu-Jitsu self-defense, also a fisherman in his spare time, he has all the qualities that a BPJEPS (Professional Certificate of Youth, Popular Education and Sport) motorsport instructor needs such as that: patience, concentration, finesse and a good mind.
No competition records but 23 years of trackdays and car driver instructor since 2017, single-seater included.
Its favorite circuits are the Nürburgring, Croix-En-Ternois, Folembray, Clastres, Abbeville, les Ecuyers, Mettet and it is of course not closed to others!


2017 : BPJEPS (10 UC) Sport automobile - Perfectionnement du pilotage
Encadrement et animation d'activités de loisir, d'initiation, de découverte et de préparation à la compétition en perfectionnement du pilotage. A l'exclusion de la conduite sur glace.



Rodolphe Honorez - Driving coach