23/04/20 - Bresse (Circuit de Bresse)

These information may have changed since they were published, in case of doubt please contact the organizer : theCircuit de Bresse.
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Want to spice up your day of running car? Or just give you a day of driving in kart? Enjoy a rolling Auto / Karting alternating and enjoy and tracks speed and Karting Circuit de Bresse.
 Whether you own your own Auto or your own Kart, this day is for you. This day Auto / Auto kart alternates driving sessions with rolling Kart sessions every 20 minutes.
 How the day went :
 - 8h00: Administrative control with delivery of a taxi ticket to access the track
 - 8:45: Mandatory briefing for all drivers (safety precautions, how the day etc ...)
 - 9:00: Opening of the track and start taxiing (meter control performed dynamically on the track)
 - 12.00: Lunch Break
 - 13:30: Rolling of Recovery
 - 17.30: Rolling of the End
 - Day: 180 €
 - Monitor Coaching 3 hours: 250 €
 - Second driver: € 90
 - Third Driver: € 40
 - Liability Insurance: € 20
 - Possession of a driving license (to be presented on the day of travel)
 - Have insurance "liability" valid circuit (presentation of a certificate from your insurer) or purchase on site directly-same day (indicative cost / day: 20 €)
  - Have a car whose sound level does not exceed 95 dB or with an original pot
 - Having a car whose wheels are covered (sedans, GT etc ...)
 - Having the required equipment: helmet (full open if vehicle type Catheram), safety belt, towing hook
 - Book a place in advance


Driving advices from professional coaches are available on this trackday.

which cars are the best this trackday?

These car categories are not related to weight restrictions defined by the French Federation on French tracks. Please ensure that your car's weight is in the right range for this trackday.
Best car categories for this trackday are:
gt GT and supercars as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin...
light Lightweight as Lotus, Atom, KTM, Caterham...
sport Sport berlines and coupés as BMW M3, Z4, Audi RS, Nissan 370z...
gti GTI as Fiesta ST, Clio RS, Golf, Civic type R...
competition Race cars as Clio Cup, Porsche Cup, Seat Leon Supercopa...
collection Classics as Porsche 914, Alfa GTV, Jaguar E-type

These car categories are allowed even if not the best ones:
proto Sport prototypes cars as LMP4, Funyo, Norma, Ligier, Juno...

These car categories are not allowed on this trackday:
monoplace Single seaters as Formula Ford, Formula Renault, Formula 3...

Drift Drift is not allowed during this trackday.

For more information about this trackday, please contact the organizer

Informations pratiques

Noise limit on the Bresse

95 dB, mesuré en statique à 60% du régime moteur maxi, à 1m du pot d'échappement dans un axe de 45°. Le circuit se réserve le droit d’être plus restrictif que l’homologation si un véhicule dépasse les 100 dB en dynamique (à l’exception des échappements strictement de série ou d’accord particulier avec la direction du circuit). Néanmoins le circuit refusera systématiquement l’accès aux Ferrari 360 Modena Stradale (sauf si échappement de 360 Modena standard) et Ducati Desmocedici RR.

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These information may have changed since they were published, in case of doubt please contact the organizer : theCircuit de Bresse.