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The Porsche Club Brittany Loire, established in 1992, is one of the 24 official Porsche Clubs that make up the Federation of Porsche Clubs France.
 Open to all models of the brand, our club has about 200 people among the 3100 French Members, passion, friendship and conviviality are the values ​​common to all these clubs.
 Everyone can find, according to its aspirations, sightseeing trips and gourmet, sports outings on the track, karting or formulas France.
 Our program allows you to share exclusive and unforgettable moments around a common passion for the Porsche brand.
 Your membership in our club will also give you the opportunity to access a quality line of clothing town decorated in the colors of the club, and enjoy a special relationship with Porsche Centers Nantes, Lorient and Rennes.
 Being a member of an official club is also having the opportunity to participate in all events of other clubs of the Federation, to be hosted in exclusive conditions in national events as well as tours of the museum and factory Porsche Stuttgart.


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Porsche Club Bretagne Pays de Loire
33 rue Marie Curie
44230 Saint Sébastien sur Loire


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02 41 30 79 48


Trackdays organized by the Club Porsche Bretagne

3 trackdays organized in 2019 on 1 racetracks
4 trackdays organized in 2018 on 2 racetracks
2 trackdays organized in 2017 on 1 racetracks
3 trackdays organized in 2016 on 1 racetracks