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Porsche Club Motorsport France, heir of the Porsche Club of France, is dedicated to offer the best of what the club has been brought to its 50-year history:
 Discover, grow and excel aboard his Porsche
 Only official team to provide sporting calendar and circuit events
 Exceptional schedule: Meetings 15, 11 rolling Club on circuit 7 Porsche Club Challenge, 5 Regularity races and endurance, 2 Road Rally, a weekend of awards and gala evening.
 Supervised by professional drivers, the races Safety standards FFSA
 warm and relaxed atmosphere, animated by the passion of motorsport
 Organization mastered by a volunteer team of enthusiasts: hotels and restaurants chosen to focus on usability and a reasonable budget


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Trackdays organized by the Club Porsche Motorsport France

4 trackdays organized in 2021 on 2 racetracks
12 trackdays organized in 2019 on 6 racetracks
11 trackdays organized in 2018 on 5 racetracks
13 trackdays organized in 2017 on 6 racetracks
14 trackdays organized in 2016 on 6 racetracks
14 trackdays organized in 2015 on 6 racetracks
18 trackdays organized in 2014 on 8 racetracks
18 trackdays organized in 2013 on 9 racetracks